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Mediterranean Forest Fires (Italy)


In the case of Sardinia wildfires, aircraft intervention is coordinated by and from the Permanent Unified Operations Room (SOUP), while the Decentralized Functional Center (CFD) is tasked with assessing and issuing bulletins of fire danger. Either or both of these operational rooms can be employed by RAS for validating the integrated TEMA platform. Typical problems encountered by Civil Protection Agencies (CPAs) and FRs are low visibility and health hazards due to smoke, as well as a scarcity of accurate information regarding the wider area, leading to suboptimal response strategies.

A historical scenario will be played out in real-time for TEMA validation. RAS faced a severe crisis on 27th July 2021, when a widespread 15.000-hectare forest fire provoked serious damages at Montiferru (central Sardinia). The fire lasted several days, with several re-ignitions. Data available about the Montiferru area concern vegetation (both current and burnt), geomorphological data, damage details and safety procedures that have been adopted, the output of meteorological models, forecast fire danger bulletins, satellite images, and videos from drones filming the burnt area. Additionally, damage survey cards and geomorphological information, before and after the event, can be used. The TEMA platform will also be used for examining the conditions of post-event territory, with particular regard to the implications for geomorphological risk.

Leading Beneficiary:
Regione Autonoma Della Sardegna

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