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Project Management

Work Package 1 aims at leading the project to technical, organizational and financial success, to set up research and innovation, communication and project management structures and to ensure overall project deliverables quality. Specifically, the WP establishes the management structure and administration of all the Partners involved, as well as the financial and technical planning and management in order to ensure high quality of the project outcomes and standard compliance.

Lead Partner: Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis
Coordinator: Ioannis Pitas -

Requirements, specifications and design

The objectives of Work Package 2 are identifying the requirements, specifications and design of the platform. Specific tasks include the elicitation of the end-user requirements, as emerging from the four pilots of the project, that need to be addressed by the tools and services that will be provided by the TEMA platform. Moreover, the technical and design specifications that will elicit the functional and non-functionals specifications will be collected.

Lead Partner: Kentro Meleton Asfaleias
Coordinator: Paraskevi Petsioti -

Trustworthy federated analytics

Work Package 3 will be focused on the development of accurate and fast, real-time semantic data analytics. Specifically, it will develop novel trustworthy AI algorithms including novel semantic visual analysis and remote sensing AI algorithms for heterogeneous data modalities, as well as novel semantic analysis algorithms for geosocial media/news posts and textual content.

Lead Partner: Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis
Coordinator: Ioannis Pitas -

Prediction and decision-making

Work Package 4 will exploit the outputs of Work Package 3 analysis methods to enrich and accelerate response to emergencies/disasters, via novel approaches to fast modeling engines for the TEMA use-cases, automated response planning for making optimal sensor placement recommendations and decision support services for remote sensing.

Lead Partner: German Aerospace Center
Coordinator: Monika Friedemann -

Simulation and visualization

Work Package 5 will exploit the outputs of Work Package 3-4 and visualize them in an innovative, XR-based interactive interface, relying on the fusion of a geovisual map and a Digital Twin that are rapidly constructed after the disaster/phenomenon emerges. Specific task include developing novel photogrammetry solutions for generating precise Digital Twins of the afflicted areas in real-time in the context of TEMA use-cases, as well as development of novel cluster-based system permitting rapid retrieval of large-scale geospatial data.

Lead Partner: Northdocks Gmbh
Coordinator: Julia Barenthien -

Integration and validation

The objectives of Work Package 6 are related to integration and technical validation of components coming from previous WPs. For the hardware integration, a software framework for drone operations will be developed providing users with an abstract interface independent of the autopilot hardware to enable its integration in the TEMA platform. For the software integration, a specific task will address the integration of all the digital tools provided by the TEMA platform, as well as integration and harmonization of heterogeneous data following standard data models.

Lead Partner: Engineering - Ingegneria Informatica Spa
Coordinator: Roberto Di Bernardo -

Dissemination and exploitation

The aim of Work Package 7 is to disseminate project results, to define exploitation and innovation management strategies, as well as to centralize collaborations, community-building and standardization efforts. Specifically, the WP defines dissemination and communication strategies, defining a dissemination plan and providing also a dissemination plan following economic assessment. Further activities include a specific plan on how to use research outputs coming from the project, including continuous management of Intellectual Property Rights.

Lead Partner: The Lisbon Council For Economic Competitiveness Asbl
Coordinator: Francesco Mureddu -

Leadership Team

Project coordinator

AUTH - Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis

Project Manager: Ioannis Pitas


Scientific and technical coordinator

AUTH - Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis

Project Manager: Ioannis Pitas


Quality and Dissemination 

LC - The Lisbon Council

Project manager: Francesco Mureddu



LC - The Lisbon Council

Project manager: Francesco Mureddu