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Improving Interoperability in Emergency Services

Improving Interoperability in Emergency Services

TEMA Project 

Natural disasters see no borders. In contrast, emergency management often suffers from cumbersome compatibility between services, products and technologies. Facilitating cross-border collaboration within the emergency management providers ecosystem holds great opportunities to facilitate natural disaster management and save lives. 

TEMA project has launched a first draft of a policy making toolbox to improve interoperability in emergency management sevices. This toolbox is a part of the policy recommendations to foster a cross-border emergency management services ecosystem, which will be published later this year.

  • How can various actors enhance the community of practice across borders?
  • What are unique elements of emergency management services to consider for cross-border collaboration?
  • How can we foster the cooperation between digital services providers and emergency management practitioners across borders?

Take a look at the TEMA policy making toolbox below and get involved by providing your input, suggestions and ideas and assist in the effort to achieve greater interoperability for cross-border, seamless emergency services between EU member states.

Do you want to get involved?

Get in touch with TEMA project’s Policy Manager, Alessandro Paciaroni:

TEMA Policy Making Toolbox on Improving Interoperability in Emergency Services